Protect your health while serving others, phoropter breath shield

Universal Phoropter Breath Shield


Keeping Your Health in Mind

Protect your staff, protect your patients. This straightforward kit attaches to any manual phoropter and helps prevent breath exchange during refraction. 

Easily attaches to any manual phoropter. Removable for disinfection.

It's wide enough for protection and still narrow enough not to interfere with refraction.

Installation Instructions

Step 1

 Peel off the backing from the adhesive magnets and apply to your phoropter above the cylinder axis dial. 

 The magnetic pieces can still be removed  if you really need to.

Try this removable method first.

If you want a permanent adhesion, use a quick-dry 2-part epoxy glue from your local hardware store. Or velcro strips


Step 2

Place second magnet on first magnet that was placed on the phoropter. Be sure polarization is oriented correctly. Remove backing off magnet.


Step 3

Place phoropter shield on adhesive side of magnet. Press firmly.


Made of light weight flexible 20 ml acrylic, eliminating breakage. Light weight enough to attach with magnets, easily removable for cleaning and sterilization. 

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